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Handling your taxes and accounting can seem overwhelming. What's even more daunting is the endless research that goes into finding the right accountant for you.

I'm Chris Bessey, and I've been doing taxes and accounting for over twenty years! I've helped hundreds of people, from single people with one W-2 in their first job, young entrepreneurs starting their own business, all the way to retirees who need help with their pension.

I received my Bachelor's in Accounting from the University of South Florida and proceeded to the 5th-year college courses needed to become a CPA.  I worked at numerous accounting forms and began to realize certain aspects of the field that I thought I could improve, which is why I started my own business.

In the accounting industry, it's not uncommon to barely have a relationship with your accountant. They simply drop off their return, get an email for anything they are missing, then someone calls and says it's ready.  They never talk to anyone or even have the opportunity to talk about the return. 

I pride myself on going above and beyond to ensure that I make myself available to my clients for any questions that pop up about their return. Handling your tasks can be tricky, and yes, handing it off to an accountant can ease that aspect, but I also want to give my clients the peace of mind and confidence that comes when you know your taxes are completed successfully.

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