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for Wilkes County, surrounding areas, & beyond!

Accounting is more than

just the numbers...

Accounting is a representation of the most important pieces of someone's life.  It's personal.  When you hand over a 1099-R for your pension, we don't look at that as just numbers --- it's realizing you spent 20 years as a teacher, and this is your bonus.  When you hand over a mortgage interest statement, it's not just numbers and forms, it's realizing that you finally took the leap and were able to buy a home. Numbers all have a story behind them.


Full-service tax and accounting for all of your needs!


A seamless approach and timeline to get your taxes done on time!


We believe in transparency - let's build a custom quote just for you!

What Clients Say

"I would be LOST without Above and Beyond. I was in the process of starting my new business and I was struggling with the thought of even finding an accountant! Chris was SO supportive and understanding of my lack of knowledge on what to do. He handled it ALL and it reduced so much of my stress as a new entrepreneur. Great pricing and service!"

- Mikaela S., San Diego, CA

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